Hi I'm Darren, a specialist in digital and I create amazing products and interfaces!

A self confessed semi-geek; I enjoy sci-fi films and a bit of gaming however I am also a very active person.

Not only do I practice martial arts but I love riding motorbikes and I’m passionate about cooking.

In terms of digital as you will see from my portfolio I have a wide range of experience gained from working alongside a number of well known brands including: Chrysler, HSBC, Virgin Media and Royal Mail.

Being blessed with a creative and technical mind is the key to my success as it has given me the rare ability to translate client requirements and concepts into reality helping break boundaries and create positive user experiences.

If you would like to know more about me and the fantastic work that I do, check out my Linkedin profile and contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope that you find my work interesting.

Darren Irish

CSPO Certification

"If you are looking for a product manager that understands both business and customers then
Darren is a very safe and capable pair of hands. He consistently displays an instinctive ability to put customer needs first and isn't afraid to ask 'why'."

- Helen Fox, Head of Digital Product, Oxford University Press

"Darren is a great product manager. He has a very natural ability to bring a team together to work towards a common purpose. He is also able to create and communicate product features based on a clear understanding of the customer need / problem. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again."

- Nino Ocampo, Head of Product, HSBC

"Darren is a supremely professional manager with excellent stakeholder skills: Great as either team player or leader, he is liked and respected by all he worked with. He has excellent attention to detail and quality, he works hard to do the best he can do, and is polite, respectful, principled, diligent and intelligent. And fun when it's called for too - I would have Darren back in my team in an instant!."

- Duncan McCarthy, Head of Product, Virgin Media

Just some of the brands that I have worked with

Virgin Media