Year: 2006|Client: Chrysler| Role: Creative Developer

During my time at Adtool Limited as creative developer I was fortunate to have Chrysler as one of my clients.

Working in a small team, we developed a revolutionary piece of asset management technology that was white labelled for the purposes of Chrysler and integrated into the Chrysler 'Dealernet' Dealership system.

By creating this easy to use system it excluded the need for a designer as it allowed Chrysler dealers to manage the creation, editing and resizing of branded marketing materials in a few simple steps, this was used for:

  • Point of sale advertisements.
  • National press advertisements.
  • Direct mail marketing.
  • In addition to obtaining client requirements for each marketing campaign my role also involved editing images forwarded by Chrysler and writing XML scripts that set the parameters for the images and copy used by the system.

The images below are examples of the marketing materials I produced for Chrysler.

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Chrysler work examples

Chrysler logo
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