Year: 2018|Product: Mobile App| Role:Product Manager/Director | Brand: Husha Baby

Husha Baby is an app I jointly developed to assist parents in getting their babies sleep. The app works by playing a range of ambient sounds ‘white noise’ to help relax unsettled babies with soothing sounds such as a mother’s heartbeat and light rainfall.

Husha Baby app store banner

After conducting market research where I reviewed similar apps and physical products it was clear that customers had two main requirements at hand:

  • Convenience: The product must be both portable and light weight.
  • Ease of use: Being simple to operate without the need of a manual.

With these requirements at hand it set the foundations for developing our interface, culminating into a visually stunning app with user experience at its core. Eg: Using the app is quick and simple with an intuitive three-step approach:

Husha Baby 3 step approach

The image below is an example of the Husha Baby app.

Select the image to view more screens from the app.

Husha Baby app screens

For users who desired a greater level of functionality premium ‘paid for’ features were also added:

  • Dark Mode: A contrasting coloured menu for use at night.

  • Additional sounds: Access to wider spectrum of ambient sounds.

  • Unlimited playback: Playback of sounds with no time limit.