Year: 2016|Company: Pure Body Butters| Role: Director | Website:Pure Body Butters

Pure Body Butters is a cosmetics company that I launched in 2010 after a moment of inspiration while watching TV.

After researching the market I set about a goal of producing an original range of handmade skin care products; free from preservatives and additives.

With this being a self-funded venture, minimising costs was essential therefore I undertook a wide range of responsibilities (new & familiar) to build the brand, this included:

Product Design:
Using digital tools I created a company logo, strap line and product labels to give a unique brand identity.

Supplier Management:
I traded with local & national suppliers sourcing ingredients, packaging and equipment.

Web Design:
Using my digital expertise I designed and hand-coded an e-commerce website for online purchases and industry related news.

Product manufacturing:
By following tutorials and legal guidelines, I learnt how to make cosmetics for public use.

The images below are examples of the e-commerce platform.

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Pure Body Butters work examples
Pure Body Butters work examples

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Pure Body Butters work examples

Marketing was also an important factor in developing my brand, by using various social media channels and working with bloggers I quickly grew my brand recognition to the point where Pure Body Butters became featured in a range of national publications such as:

  • Round & About magazine
  • Beauty magazine
  • The Guardian newspaper