Year: 2010|Client: Sony Ericsson| Role: Web Manager

For many years Sony Ericsson were global leaders in the mobile phone industry and were one of my premier clientele while working at a Buckinghamshire based company called Dataselect.

By forging a strong working relationship with senior stakeholders in Sony-Ericsson I was able to effectively manage the digital content of their official UK e-store, understanding their requirements and transforming them into digital solutions.

I achieved this by working collaboratively with a team of designers and remote developers in (Romania) to bring about the development of various web functions and features while maintaining best practice on aesthetics, usability, social networking and SEO.

By working in this fashion I achieved an engaging user experience that effectively incorporated a fusion of rich media, stylised banners and creative functionalities, resulting in an increased customer base, traffic levels and online orders.

Key achievement: I launched the first Dataselect / Sony-Ericsson YouTube marketing campaign resulting in 30k views in under 12 hours.

Please note that since 2011 Sony and Ericsson ended their partnership with each other and the UK e-store has since been closed with Sony controlling their mobile division.

The images below are a collection of creative banners and pages that I launched in line with various events and promotions.

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Sony Ericsson work examples
Sony Ericsson logo