Year: 2017|Client: Dollar Financial| Role: Senior Product Manager | Website: Suttons & Robertsons

Suttons and Robertsons

Dollar Financial is a multifaceted financial organisation with a broad portfolio of products including:

  • Short term loans
  • Money transfer
  • Foreign exchange
  • Pawn broking

As senior product owner I was responsible for redesigning and optimising product lines across various channels including the web, eCommerce platforms and retail stores.

One of the main projects I managed was the launch of Suttons & Robertsons' website; updating their previously unsuccessful eCommerce website with the objective of selling a range of pawned goods to the public and providing customers with the ability to request quotes for goods that they wish to sell or loan.

The project was two months behind schedule prior to my involvement and plagued with a host of issues. It was imperative to prevent further delays and launch the website to the highest standard, I achieved this by:

  • Reviewing user stories in JIRA, assigning highest & lowest priority where necessary.

  • Scheduling daily stand-ups for shared knowledge and a complete view of daily activities.

  • Coordinating UAT and website administrators to work in tandem to unify the testing process.

  • Working with our third party developers in an AGILE methodology.

  • Coordinating marketing plans with the wider team e.g. SEO, redirects, tagging.

  • Working with retail teams to secure stock for sale online.
  • The Suttons & Robertsons website was successfully launched in February 2017, with an estimated annual turnover of £500k.

The image below is an example of the website I helped launch while at Dollar Financial.

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Suttons & Robertsons work examples

Suttons & Robertsons