Year: 2014|Client: Vanguard Consulting| Role: Product Owner | Website: Vanguard Consulting

Vanguard Consulting is a management consultancy owned and operated by multimillionaire John Seddon, an outspoken critic of government reform and a pioneer in a form of systems thinking known as the Vanguard Method.

Due to an increasing national and international audience Vanguard wanted to build an e-learning website (The Vanguard Method), with a focus on providing knowledge to academics and admirers of the Vanguard Method while supporting existing clients.

I was employed to undertake the management of the new e-learning website, its development and a wide spectrum of additional duties.

Emphasised as a big project from the start, I was given a budget of £350K to commence the build from the ground up. The development stages included::

  • Purchasing servers & locating data centres
  • Managing domain names
  • Site design & content management
  • Recruitment & team management

This proved to be a fantastic experience, allowing me to utilise my current web skills and attain fresh knowledge in addition to an acquisition of new skills including: recruitment, purchasing and budget management.

In terms of structure the website was split into two areas; a free area (open to all) and a subscriber area.

Both offered a vast array of content; all produced in-house under my management and promoted a heuristic method of learning entwined in a highly usable interface.

The images below are examples of the Vanguard e-learning website I launched.

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Vanguard work examples

Vanguard logo